The Surname 'Anglin'

Chapter 9

General conclusions

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  • The geographic source origin of the surname O’hAngluinn, expressed in English as Anglin/m or a variant of Anglin, is in Ireland
  • There is no evidence for a source origin outside Ireland for the Anglin Surname, all Anglin families, except those who adopted Anglin as their surname, irrespective of where they live today, lies ultimately in Ireland
  • There are a number of lines of Anglins quite distinct in that they originated from a different ‘Anglonn’
  • Within a particular Anglin line there are different families originating from the same ‘Anglonn’ but who over the generations have lost contact with one another
  • There is sufficient evidence to suggest that at least one line of Anglins originated in West Cork
  • The actual area in Ireland where the other lines originated has not been identified as yet, but is in the province of Munster
  • Some knowledge of Irish history in the 15th to- 19th centuries is necessary to gain a satisfactory understanding of the Anglin Story
  • The O’hAngluinn / Anglin name has scattered in the variant spellings of both it’s Gaeilge and its English form depending on the period of its movement outside Ireland
  • When dealing with the early periods in this research, since movement of families was then usually quite local, efforts to advance this work needs a focus on geographic units. Initially focus should be on large units e.g. Spain, or Canada or Ireland, but once that is done then the focus must become refined on smaller geographic areas e.g. Tipperary or West Cork