The Surname 'Anglin'

Anglins of the Diaspora

An Introduction

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Section 1 ('The Anglins of Ireland') was a research study; Section 2 ('The Anglins of the Diaspora') is an effort to raise readers awareness of the spread of the Anglin name in the Anglin Diaspora.

It is impossible to carry out a study into the Anglin Surname without becoming aware of the Anglin Diaspora. Their Irish origins is of importance to the Anglins of Ireland and the Anglins abroad. Having referred in Section 1 to the problem of finding evidence of the actual journey of individuals from one country to another in the early years, other methods of tracing origins are sought. Historical documents are a valuable tool. But that is only one part of the story of these Anglins of the Diaspora. Issues of where in Ireland did their ancestors come from, why did they leave Ireland, why their particular destination was chosen, what has happened them and their descendants since then in their new homeland are equally important to know. These are stories to be told by each country’s émigrés, and are not the purpose of Section 2.of this study nor will they be explored there.

The approach in Section 2 is to have an opening chapter, an Overview of the Anglin Diaspora. Then a chapter on the forgotten aspect of Irish migration, namely the migration of the Irish to mainland Europe especially in the 16th- 18th centuries. Finally separate chapters dedicated to each country, followed by the Appendices.

The brief look at the individual countries is not done for the benefit of the Anglins of the country named, but rather to raise awareness in Anglins of other countries so their insight into their family name they may be widened. I could state the purpose thus:- ‘the purpose is to give a meaningful awareness of the geographic scatter of the Anglins rather than a resume of the Anglin story of individuals countries’.

To grasp the heart of the Diaspora of Anglins it is necessary to awaken ourselves to the two primary migrations of the Irish, one was to Mainland Europe and thence to its colonies and the second to the English speaking new World. Historically the migration to Europe and their colonies was quite large and preceded that to the English new World, yet it is the less understood.