The Surname 'Anglin'

Appendix 9

Final findings

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These are based on the evidence within the report:

  • The Original surname was O’hAngluinn, a Gaeilge epithet surname.
  • Its origin probably flows from the epithet ‘anglonn’ being applied in times past to particular individuals due to their valour.
  • The major anglicised forms of the surname are Anglin, Anglim, Hanglin.
  • The origin of the name lies in Ireland.
  • Judging from the early occurrences of the surname as indicated in the appendices, this origin is in South West Cork, particularly in the Clonakilty area. But there is the possibility the epithet was also applied to a person in the North West Cork area.
  • No creditable evidence was unearthed indicating a non Irish source.
  • The early holders of this surname were ordinary people, there is no evidence of them being landed people. However a feature of the research is how successful the descendants were having left Ireland.
  • An individual person of this name is initially identified in 1490 and is rare in documents in Ireland prior to 1700.
  • The occurrence of the surname outside Ireland commences in the late 1500’s. It surfaces in the early stages of its diaspora in continental Europe and then later in those south American countries linked to the continent. In the 1600’s it is linked to English colonies beginning with Maryland, Virginia and the Caribbean.
  • The scatter of the surname follows the same pattern as Irish emigration in general including the vicissitudes of their lives.
  • While originally those with the surname were Catholic, it is clear at an early stage there grew an important segment who were of the reformed faith.
  • During the 1800’s the surname in Ireland became Anglin or Anglim, the Hanglin form having died out. The presence of the Hanglin form abroad is reasonably common and would indicate the original emigrants who carried this form abroad would have left Ireland pre 1800.
  • While the Hanglin/Anglin/Anglim surname has been passed down through the male line, there are instances in Irish records of females whose maiden name was Anglin passing their maiden name Anglin to their male progeny. For the descendants of such individuals there is no doubt of their Irishness but there are real implications for the DNA research in these instances.