The Surname 'Anglin'

Appendix 5

The Anglins of Australasia

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I have not carried out direct research into the presence of O’hAngluinns /Anglins in either Australasia or the South American Countries. But in carrying out the study elsewhere I unearthed material referring to these. Each of these areas is a study in itself and should be researched. I hope someone else will attempt it particularly in reference to Argentina someone with knowledge of Spanish. I record the sources of Australian material I came across.


  • There is shipping evidence of Anglins from Ireland going to Australia
  • There are shipping records of Anglins moving from New Zealand to Australia
  • The movement of Anglins to Australasia came a little later than the entry into the North America. Usually it was by choice or assisted passage but there is certainly one example of a Thomas Anglin who was ‘transported’ there
  • Some research has been done by Anglins of Australia / New Zealand
  • There is definite evidence of the Irish Australasia link of Anglins at an individual level

Some sources of information

  • Some passenger details are available on the Net
  • Birth marriage and Death Registers in Australia and New Zealand
  • Bill Anglin’s Web site
  • There is a Ships Captain Anglin of a whaling enterprise: http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-McNOldW-t1-body-d1-d6.html