The Surname 'Anglin'

Appendix 3

Searching records outside Ireland for Anglin ancestors

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This is just an introductory listing and really each country has its own records.

Records held outside Ireland

  • Military and naval and Coastguard records in Kew London (also available on the Internet)
  • American Evidence by contact with Anglin DNA Project Team
  • Walter Anglin’s manuscript
  • Evelyn Williams Book
  • The Irish in Europe Project and the books etc associated with it
  • Various books published by the Genealogical Company of Baltimore America

On the Internet

European records

This is really an unexplored area.

  • Records of Catholic religious congregations
  • Military records of Irish Regiments in Europe
  • Records from the 40 Irish Colleges in Europe 1550-1800
  • Merchant shipping records
  • Birth marriage and death registers in towns of Brittany France and other places. Read the history to find where

England’s records

  • Birth marriage and death records particularly in the Bristol and London areas
  • Bristol shipping records