The Surname 'Anglin'

Appendix 2

Searching Ireland for Anglin ancestors

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The Anglin name has various spellings! But beware is it Anglin?

Records accessible within Ireland


An aspect of unearthing past Anglins was the difficulty in finding sources, particularly for earlier years. Due to the relative anonymity of Anglins, the rarity of the name, Ireland’s troubled history, the destruction of records and the unwillingness of churchmen to keep records within Ireland, relevant sources once found need to be treasured. So having unearthed some sources within Ireland I include their names and where they may be consulted. Pre 1700 there are few substitute registers so archival, family or historical documents are sought and explored for Anglins.

A further issue was identifying appropriate guide and reference books. I found it necessary to purchase two guidebooks:

  • ‘Tracing your Cork Ancestors’ written by Tony Mc Carthy and Tim Cadogan
  • ‘Tracing your Irish Ancestors’ by John Greenham

But I also found it necessary to consult the following three on various occasions:

  • ‘Typographical Dictionary of Ireland’, by Samuel Lewis. A technical book giving information on towns and parishes in Ireland including often a brief history etc.
  • Census of Ireland prepared in 1861 from 1851 data. This is an alphabetical index to the townlands, Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland
  • ‘Irish Records-sources for family and local history’, by J. G. Ryan. A guide to finding and using old records and documents

An introduction to records

Societies, particularly modern societies, recognise the major landmarks in the life of its people, namely Birth/Baptism; Marriage and Death. They have a system to register these events. Such registers give a brief resume of an individual’s life, and of their families. The best of such registers speak of:

  • Birth/Baptism
    Its place, who the parents are, the date
  • Marriage
    The names of the couple, place and witnesses of the event and parents
  • Death/Burial
    the why, where, date and ‘person reporting’

Modern society has Censuses, which can fill gaps between major events Birth/Baptism, Marriage and Death in a person’s life. The recording of census date, dwelling place, occupation and children’s names, makes possible the retracing of a person’s life journey.

Ships Manifests exist of the movement of goods and people between countries. These Passenger/Manifest lists are a valuable source for genealogy recording names, dates and ports of embarkation and destination.

These records, Registers, Census and Passenger Lists are the cornerstone of genealogy and pedigree research.

Due to Ireland’s troubled history, the very basis of genealogical study is damaged due to the absence, corruption or destruction of these records from earlier centuries. So in the absence of these basic tools, ‘Registration Substitutes’; ‘Census Substitutes’ Substitutes for Passenger lists must also be sought out and prized.

What genealogical and substitute records exist?


  • Civil Records
  • Church of Ireland Records Earliest record 1643 earliest Anglin 1681
  • Roman Catholic Records Earliest record 1742, earliest Anglin 1762 North parish Cork City
  • Other Denominational Records

Substitutes for registers

  • Graveyard lists
  • Newspapers Death Entries
  • Clandestine Marriages London

Irish Census

  • 1901 and 1911 Census
  • Cork Census 1659 Pender/Petty (includes Poll Money Ordinances 1660-1661)

Substitutes for Irish Census

  • Occupation lists e.g. Irish Flax Growers list for 1796
  • Military and Naval Records from Kew London
  • Griffiths Valuation c.1852 for Munster
  • Estate Records e.g. The Pipe Rolls of Cloyne
  • Land Deeds
  • The Fiants of Elizabeth I. (Reference for National Library Dublin is 1r941p8)
  • Directories:
    • Pettigrew and Oulton Directory of Dublin 1830
    • Slater’s Directory of Ireland 1846 and 1856
    • Pigot’s directory of Cork 1824
    • Telephone Directories

Passenger lists

  • J. F. Kennedy Trust
  • Ellis Island

Substitutes passenger lists

  • 1635?? Anglin Ruth: To Virginia cf. O’Brien evidence from USA

Shipping records

  • The following is taken from an Internet reference:
    • On the 29th of June 1809 the ship named ‘Anglin’ arrived at Prince Edward Island, British North America (now Canada) from Liverpool, Great Britain.
    • Information is on Customs records ‘From PAPEI RG9, Collector of Customs Outward:’ 29 June, 1809 - "Anglin" of 214 tons, Capt. Jno. Bell, for Liverpool [GC]
    • On the 1st of September 1812 the ship named ‘Anglin’ P.E.I. sailed for Belfast, Ireland
    • Information is on Customs records ‘From PAPEI RG9, Collector of Customs Outward:’01 Sep., 1812 - "Anglin" of 214 tons, Capt. Thos. Johnston, for Belfast, Ireland [CG]
  • A Book: ‘The Old Whaling Days: A History of Southern New Zealand from 1830 to 1840’
  • On the 22nd June 1809 the ship the ‘Anglin’ arrived Prince Edward Island, British North America (now Canada) from Liverpool. This data comes from customs records 'Papei9g9' collector of Customs inbound 22/6/1809
  • I have contacted the Cobh Cork museum on their shipping records: the name Anglin does not appear
  • I also contacted the Shipping office for Cork City harbour. Their records commence 1921. Earlier records would be in PRO Kew England

Miscellaneous sources

  • Manuscript and historical books:
    • The Annals of the Four Masters
    • The ‘Acallamh na Senorach 1’
    • The History of Clonakilty
    • The Convert Rolls
    • Hayes
  • Estate records:
    • Pipe Rolls of Cloyne
  • Maps:
    • e.g. Anglin Drive in St John, NB Canada
  • Wills:
    • Indexes to Irish Wills e.g. 1723 Anglin Mark
    • English National archives (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline)
    • Convert Rolls wills by Eileen O’Byrne
    • Cork and Ross Wills
    • The Welply Will abstracts in RCI Library for Munster from 1682
  • Heraldic material:
    • Anglin crest of Clifford Anglim
  • American evidence:
    • DNA Research Groupings on Anglins
    • Mormon Records
  • Caribbean evidence:
    • Jamaica Anglins
    • The Scarlett of Jamaica
    • Dominican Island Records

Location of the genealogical and substitute records?

Church of Ireland records

The best source for Church of Ireland records is RCIB Library, Dublin. The National Archives Dublin and the National Library Dublin have complete lists of these records and the dates they cover, but only some of the actual records.

Catholic records

These are in Parishes and in microfilm in National Library Dublin. But there are no indexes. North Parish Cork City records are in Cork County Library in book form.

Civil registers

The General Register, was Joyce House, Dublin for research; now changed to Irish Life building.

Marriage licence bonds

Of the Church of Ireland: in National Archives Dublin

Irish wills

National Archives, Dublin

The National Library, Dublin

  • Irish Surnames List in Griffiths and in the Applotment rolls. Many Anglins and variations on name
  • Hayes: Two sets of reference books
  • Pipe Rolls of Cloyne (reference IR 94145 c1) I used the 1918 ed. & page 63 gave Simon Anglyn
  • Pigots Directory of Cork
  • Pettigrews and Oulton’s Directory of Dublin gave one Anglin
  • Petty’s Census of 1659 edited by Plender: This is a partial document. …James Hauglin
  • Transport records of prisoners to Australia show an Anglin convict Thomas
  • Slaters Directories of Cork 1846 and 1856 . various Anglins
  • Special Report on Surnames in Ireland by Robert E, Matheson Anglin data available elsewhere
  • The Fiants of Henry 8 through to Elizabeth 1 gives very valuable information IR 941 p.8 on Anglins
  • The Book of Ballymote in Irish also NLI ref. 1lb 89162 – I need an English translation
  • Supplement to Irish Families by Edward MacLysaght (Anglin name discussed)
  • The Annals of the Four Masters: Angluinne who died in 1490
  • O’Kief NLI IR 94145 c12 Lots of Anglins Slieve Luchra NW Cork and east Kerry 1850 and later
  • The Annals of Ulster: Samuel Angli
  • The Great Book Of Genealogies by Mac Firbis gives Anglonn also O’hAngle etc
  • The Protestant Census 1766 of Cloyne Diocese only partial – no Anglins
  • The Convert Rolls a book edited by Eileen Byrne – Margaret Anglin
  • The complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775 by Peter Wilson Cobham no Anglins
  • Irish American Associations early years by David Beers Quinn
  • Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe – Anglin surname
  • Irish names and Surnames. The Supplement by MacLysacght re Anglin surname
  • Kings passenger to Maryland/Virginia by Peter W. Cobham – there is one Anglin
  • The Encyclopaedia of the Irish in America. by Michael Glazier – no Anglins
  • The Calendar of Kinsale Documents: Grand Jury Presentments p. 1988 Ed. Michael Mulcahy Vols. 1 1658-1699, Vol. 2 1700-1719. Vol. 3 1720-1730: David Hanglane
  • Miscellany of Celtic Society by O’Donovan – no Anglins

National Archives, Dublin

  • Marriage licence bonds various Anglins
  • Wills Some Anglins
  • Some Church of Ireland records Anglins
  • Etc.

The General Register

  • For research (was Joyce House Dublin) now Irish Life building Dublin
  • Lots of Anglins here: dates 1864 ff.
  • Civil registers for research ph 01 671 1000 (hrs 9.30-12.30 am from indexes)
  • Church of Ireland marriages 1845-1864
  • All marriages deaths and Births after 1864

Cork County Library Model Farm Road Cork

  • This contains a lot of local Cork material (in the Local studies section).
  • Bennet’s History of Bandon
  • Marriages of the North Cork Catholic Parish in book form – Anglins present
  • Etc.

The Cork Ancestral Project

  • This is a major work but is not as yet available to the public – Anglins present

Boole Library University College Cork

  • This is of major value. It has a very large quantity of material for historical research. (cf. Internet for detail.) But you have to spend time in Cork!!

The Omagh Heritage Centre Northern Ireland

  • Emigration matters particular to America

Libraries in general

  • A Concise course of Irish History by Moody and Martin
  • The Illustrated History of Ireland by C. F. Cusack (Nun of Kenmare) written in 1860’s
  • The Irish in Europe 1580-1815 ed. Thomas O’Connor etc.
  • The Irish Genealogist

Royal Irish Academy

  • Mac Firbigs Book of Genealogies Etc.

Genealogical Office, Dublin and Manuscript Room & Heraldic Office

  • Clifford Anglim’s of California Crest

Cork City and County Archives Institute, Cork City

  • Presently changing its site in Cork

Catholic Library, Dublin

  • Historical material e.g. Irish Slaves
  • Periodicals e.g. Studies, Irish Monthly, Irish Ecclesiastical Records, Irish Sword etc
  • No real genealogical material

The Linehall Library, Belfast

  • Slaters directories of the mid 1800’s
  • This library is old, the 1700’s, it deals mostly with the Northern Ireland

Presbyterian Records Fisherwick Place, Belfast

Society of Friends Offices, Dublin

Methodist records

  • These are difficult as originally they were in Church of Ireland parishes

New developments

Local County Cork Towns historical societies

  • These are recent and are in each of the local West Cork towns

The Internet

A note on the use of the Internet

  • Google.ie brings you into the Irish domain
  • Lots of sites with scraps of information: ‘Good research material’ is scarce
  • Fruitful sites listed above. Repetitive use of information. A lot of hearsay and false information. Be careful.

New historical work

  • A lot of work is now going on researching old documents in Ireland and abroad
  • This work is been carried by the universities e.g. The Irish in Europe Project based in NUI Maynooth Co. Kildare
  • Other American related work is going on at the Centre for Migration studies at Omagh, Co Tyrone
  • Work going on in ‘UCC has been referred to earlier
  • Work is also being done in Limerick University and Trinity college Dublin

Further developments on Appendix 2

I have contacted the Cobh Cork museum on their shipping records: the name Anglin does not appear.

I also contacted the Shipping office for Cork City harbour. Their records commence 1921. Earlier records would be in the Public Records Office, Kew, England.